Earthapple surrounded by cosmic noise

Jungkunst, Winterthur, 2021

Buckminster Fuller, a central figure of the 20th century, developed during the 1940s the so-called geodesic dome. Especially nowadays its sustainable characteristics are used quite frequently in our daily life.
The Earthapple represents the earth as well as space. Inside of the dome a big hologram-spyhole doesn’t only play with the reversal of heaven and earth but embodies on the other side the human urge to expand into unknown spheres. Anyhow as far as we can remember humanity discovers the universe, seeks for answers and changes our impressions of our current world view.

The sound installation inside the Earthapple comes from an expedition where cosmic noise was searched by a sixties tube radio. The reception of this noise is perfectly simple so everyone is able to enjoy the sound of space. The noisy statics of tube radios can certainly also be the sound of meteorites, the sun or the milky way. Those interferences which can be received just above the high-frequency range foreshadow how spaceship Earth floats trough space. The interactive light- and wind installation offers room for this cosmic noise. In the end it reflects our oscillating relation towards technology and nature.