Fabienne Gähwiler (1997) and Mario Gisler (1994) are a Swiss artist couple.

GislerGähwiler‘s ongoing reflection let them create sight-specific and often light-based installations and environments. Field studies are central to their practice. The discovery of primeval landscapes such as glaciers, volcanos or necropolis allow them to experience the process of nature as well as the impacts of human activity. Mankind is continuously shaping this fragile system. GislerGähwiler understand this progression as a constantly evolving cosmical sculpture. According to that, transformation and deception play a major role in their daily work. Often they end up combining natural, physical and also technical phenomena’s. That leads them to work across media and experiment with lenses, foils, glass, mirrors and light as well as forming the understanding of nature and technology.
They also see parallels in self-similarity of the fractal system and their work as an artist couple. From the two poles arises a third which in the end tries to make the invisible visible. And still they put their focus on the new, yet unknown. So, looking at their work can be very intimate and unfamiliar at the same time. The viewer is invited to enter their orbit and dive into the oscillating ocean of light and space. 

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