The oscillating human

livestream-performance, World Wide Web, 2020

This livestream performance tells the story of the oscillating human. It all starts with his birth out of the foamy primordial soup. It leads him towards a nameless but tempting world. During his journey the oscillating human discovers different symbols. At first, he recognised his own figure through a mirror, then he starts to dress up in robes and fabrics. After that he finds a world full of tones and dances. Pure exhaustion brings him to an utterly lush garden where he can’t resist eating plenty of nice-looking fruit. Art, light and images can be experienced by the oscillating human as well. Becoming familiar with playing gives him the opportunity to immerge into the world of alchemy, which shows up as some kind of laboratory. That’s where he starts to mix up a holy potion by using the water of the primordial soup and suddenly falls into a deep state of trance.

Livestreamvideo, Der oszillierende Mensch, Video Stills, 2020