Garden of synthetic blossom

Videoinstallation, Videocity, Kunstvirtine Luzern, 2021

»Garden of Synthetic Blossom» shows twelve digital sculptures placed in several different landscapes.
In doing so the focus lays on fractal geometry. Fractals are infinitely complex pattern that are self-similar across different scales. They can be found in nature, for instance in mountains, coastlines or star clusters. Benoit Mandelbrot was able to mathematically describe this natural phenomenon on the basis of fractal geometry. This video installation embodies a field of tension between these naturally occurring fractal forms and computer-generated objects. These two poles of naturalness and computer-generated artificiality somehow seem to be in a state of dependence.
Another contrast in the installation is given by the use of video projection onto a Fresnel lens and its effect on the recipient. Due to this specific lens the light gets refracted into its spectral colours so that rainbows can be seen inside as well as out of the showcase depending on the position the viewer is choosing.