Werk und Förderungsausstellung, Haus für Kunst Uri, 2022
Significant for the work “Krystallos” is a big mountain crystal from the Urner mountains in central Switzerland. Glacier recession in the Alps is responsible for an increasing amount of crystal discoveries. Through the melting of the glacier ice, enclosed crystal clefts tend to be more and more exposed.

The name of the mountain crystal goes back to the ancient world and springs from the Greek word “krystallos” which means frost or ice. In the ancient world one thought mountain crystals are just like frozen ice which couldn’t melt. The primordial thought of crystals defies therefore global warming and embodies a breeze of eternity.
The crystal is surrounded by a cube of lenses. They make it possible to spread coloured light through the crystal into the whole room. At the same time the cube plays a game of appearance and disappearance, so the crystal gets into a tense relationship of our perception and questions transience.