Through the noble gas reflector

WILD, IG Halle im Kunst(Zeug)Haus Rapperswil, 2022

Primordial gases get shot out of underground magma chambers from 50 – 100 km below sea level. Inside the magma of basalt volcanos crystals can be found with small hollows where the noble gas is hidden. This elusive gas plays an elementary role in the development of the universe.

The installation can also be read as a kind of solar system with a noble gas tube in its centre. These wild and ethnic gases enclosed inside the glass tube get activated by a tesla transformer. The high-voltage of the transformer brings the noble gas into an oscillating and glowing state. These flashes of lightening turn into a sculpture which shows the importance of the gas itself rather than focusing on the light tube as an object.

The whole installation is framed by lava stones collected from Mount Etna, the largest and most active volcano of Europe. In addition, a Fresnel Lens takes its place on the rocky socle. The activated noble gas gets reflected and mirrored through this enormous magnifying glass. Depending on the angle towards the lens, the viewer discovers the movement of the gas in many different sizes and colours. By taking a closer look the viewers own face gets visible and blends together with the lightening.

To enable this effect there’s a mirror installed on the opposite side of the lens. Finally, the installation turns into a cosmological system that focuses on noble gas which again had a great impact on the formation of the solar system 4.56 billion years ago.